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Pearl Island’s First Building Phase Commences

It’s been an exciting twelve months on Pearl Island during which we’ve seen extensive landscaping, all villa plots marked out, creation of a private landing strip and building of the Beach Club. This …

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Seven Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Panama

As the buzz around Panama as a hot tourist destination continues to build, we have gathered up a few interesting facts to further expose the unique characteristics of this long hidden gem. Here …

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Spilling the Beans about Panama’s Coffee Industry

In terms of coffee production, Panama has percolated in recent years to become a top supplier in fulfilling connoisseurs’ need for java world-wide. Beans from Panama are a delectable treat, but there’s so …

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Portobelo National Park, Panama

 Amidst 86,000 acres of coral reef and coastal forest lies the Portobelo National Park, in Panama. Located just an hour and half from Panama City, this National Park includes vast stretches of coral reefs, mangrove swamps, coastal …

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Pearl Power: Fashion Icons Through the Decades Make Statements with Pearls

As the red carpet season in the US comes to a close, we are left with the reminder of the power of fashion. Actors and actresses adorned in designer couture and elegant jewels have always …

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The History of Panama’s Lake Gatun

The Panama Canal is undoubtedly one of the most famous landmarks of the country. However, despite its prominence, few people know that Lake Gatun, situated in the beautiful valley of the Chagres River, …

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