Fishing in Panama

Panama, literally translating to “an abundance of fish, butterflies and trees” is the ideal destination for anyone keen to test out their fishing skills.Fishing the eighth wonder of the world – the Panama Canal – is truly a once in a lifetime experience. The Lake Gatun and Panama Canal water basin, at one time the largest manmade body of water in the world, is made up of 164 square miles of flooded forest, hills and plains that provide amazing coves. This underwater structure is ideal as prime fishing terrain.

Fishing in the canal makes for an inspiring setting where you are surrounded by an abundance of birdlife and wildlife. This region was in fact the same general area where the world bird-watching record for the most species of birds sighted in 24 hours is held. Among the wildlife spotted in the region include crocodiles, iguanas, sloths and monkeys.

Along with the sheer fun of catching fish with your friends or families, the experienced fishermen enjoy the challenge of aiming to catch the larger, more elusive 5 to 8 pound fish that nest and travel in pairs. While they work the floor of the lake in shadowed, jungle canopied miniature islands that dot the lake and canal, they look for the more aggressive and challenging game-fish, using sudden strikes to catch them. The fish do not make this an easy task as they alternate with high somersaulting leaps, making it a thrill for onlookers to watch. 

Fishing tours of the Panama Canal also offer the chance to catch Snook and Tarpon. The chances however of catching these fish will depend on the season and the individual’s angling skill. If you are keen to try then the tour group can provide an assessment for the dates you are aim to go. Snook is often caught but tarpon much less so, but the chance is there!

Although the tour groups generally cater for experienced anglers, there are also alternative tours for beginners, children and families who wish to have a fishing adventure. Children can enjoy the ease of catching the smaller 2 or 3 pound fish, which are still large and can be over a foot in length, and the sheer volume of fish that can be caught in a short space of time.

Did you know you can also go fishing on Pearl Island? Known for its untouched coastline, the island has fourteen pristine beaches, fifteen square kilometres of forest and one existing fishing village, home to about 150 residents. An unspoiled natural paradise, it offers world-class fishing, sailing, snorkelling, diving and bird watching.

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