Panama Introduces Central America’s First Subway System

A significant sign of a strong and growing economy is the expansion of city infrastructure. Just last year, Panama City began construction of what will be Central America’s first subway system, set to open in 2014. Aside from making the capital an even more attractive destination, the introduction of this new mode of transportation coincides with the expansion of one of country’s other modern transportation marvels: the Panama Canal, which is currently being widened to better accommodate passing cruise ships.

Metro Line One, running roughly 14km from North to South, will significantly improve mobility within the city, carrying up to 40,000 passengers an hour. Once the system is completed, public officials estimate riders will be able to move from one end of Panama City to the other in 23 minutes. Essentially, the finished project will unveil 15 stations between the Los Andes shopping centre and Albrook Bus Terminal, which is easily accessible to those flying into the local airport.

The new system will also make it even easier to explore sites beyond the city centre. The terminating stop at Albrook Bus Terminal connects passengers to the national bus service allowing them to explore another side of Panama. Journey to the historic city of Colon and visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of San Lorenzo. Or, make your way to Portobello, an old Caribbean fishing village which was was once the greatest Spanish port in Central America. The local Albrook Airport is also just a mile away from the final subway stop, making it easy to take quick plane rides to private islands like Pearl Island and the San Blas islands.

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