Valentine’s Day in Panama – The Top 5 Romantic Things to Do

Chocolates, roses, cards, massages… they have all been done before, so this Valentine’s Day why not opt for an adventure instead? With its pristine beaches, turquoise waters and sunny skies, Panama makes for the perfect romantic getaway. Just a short flight from many major US cities, travellers will find endless romance-inspiring activities and day trips, all within easy access to the country’s capital of Panama City. Here are five of our top picks for couples eager to embark on Panamanian adventure this February. Have a recommendation? Share it in the comments below.  

For Adventure Seekers

  • Add a new thrill to your romance with a zip-line tour of Panama’s jungles. Soar over the canopy tops of lush rainforests as you seek to spot its inhabitants from Toucans to Howler monkeys. Gatun Eco Adventures offers tours of over 67 acres of pristine rainforest, including the sight of Fort Gulik, a former US Army post. Choose from over 10 different zip lines and combine the experience with additional tours that include hanging bridges, ecological trails, catamaran tours and more.

  • Water lovers can bond beneath the sea with an underwater snorkelling or diving expedition that will bring you face-to-face with Panama’s exotic marine life. The Pearl Islands, a day trip from the capital, contain five coral reefs with over 20 different diving spots. Stay alert and you might even spot white-tipped reef sharks, moray eels, or manta rays, all of which are known to frequent the area. Those willing to a travel a bit further out can take a 40 minute Aeroperlas flight to the Pedasi, home to the Azuero Peninsula, where snorkellers and divers are privy to the country’s most varied coral gardens. The tranquil waters here boast almost 40 acres of coral reef filled with marine life. Humpback whales, manta rays, and hammerhead sharks are often sighted in this region.

 Inspire Romance with History

  • Nothing is more romantic that strolling hand-in-hand in a picturesque setting that harkens back to quieter times. Historic Casco Viejo, a quaint neighborhood of Panama City, is filled with cozy, romantic restaurants, cafes and local shops. Casco Viejo offers a charming blend of old and new as the colonial-era architecture is still prevalent in the city’s updated, sophisticated makeover. Round-out the experience with a bite to eat. DiVino Enoteca, a sumptuous wine bar popular with locals, mirrors the city’s new mixture of sophistication and old-town charm. While customers eat, classic black-and-white films play silently in the background of the bar. Or, if you fancy something slightly unusual, Manolo Caracol, another new and popular restaurant, offers a different dining experience, as it does not have a menu and guests are served a variety of small dishes with a Spanish influence, as selected by the chef. Plates have included spicy tuna sashimi and Andalusian gazpacho with cucumber sorbet.
  • Just an hour-long ride on the famous Panama Canal Railway and couples will find themselves in a secluded paradise ripe with wildlife. The historic Fort San Lorenzo (a former Spanish fort) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated along the coast which is perched on a cliff overlooking the Chagres River. The surrounding area is home to 12 different eco-systems including mangroves, marshlands and rainforests; the preserved forests are also rich in birdlife, making it an ideal setting for bird-watching. Bring a picnic for two and allow ample time to enjoy the scenery.

An Artful Love

  • No matter what the reason for your trip to Panama City may be, a must-visit is the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC).  The only contemporary art museum in Panama, it lies in the heart of the capital and strives to expose visitors to the country’s burgeoning art scene.  Begin by touring the museum’s collection, and then once inspired, turn to your muse and create.  The museum offers workshops with local Panamanian artists that will guide you in creating your own memorable work as a memento of the experience.
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