Whales and Dolphins: A Sight to be Seen in Panama

What makes whale or dolphin watching in Panama so unique? Location, location, location. The warm waters surrounding the country serve as the perfect breeding ground for over thirty species of cetaceans, and not just once, but twice a year. Between June and October and again from December through February are when spottings are at their peak. For whale lovers, humpbacks are the most abundant as they migrate from both Antarctica and Alaska, providing two opportunities for viewings. Dolphins and other marine life are frequent inhabitants of the area as well and so spottings are regular.

While a number of places around Panama lend themselves to amazing observation areas, two in particular are favoured by enthusiasts.

Pearl Island & Panama City

The Pearl Islands and waters off the coast of Panama City serve as a rendezvous region for families of humpback whales that move between Mexico and Panama. During the peak seasons humpback whales are hard to miss, but marine life lovers should also keep their eyes peeled for other wild life. Often seen as well are spinner, common and bottlenose dolphins along with minke, orcas, blue and sperm whales. Keen to ensure a spotting? Whale and dolphin watching tour operators offer one-day trips from Panama City or two to five day custom trips to the Pearl Islands throughout the year. Owners of the residences on Pearl Island however will have an uninterrupted view of these rare creatures from their very own beachside villa.

Isla Coiba, a National Marine Preserve

This 500-square foot island boasts an eco-system comparable to the Galapagos and was named a UNESCO world heritage site in 2005, making it an ideal place to view marine life. During the months of May through November, the park offers the best opportunity to spot dolphins and humpback and orca whales. Schools of fish, sting rays and sea turtles are also found in the pristine waters surrounding the island. Tours of the preserve are also available with a number of guides


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