The Financial Times Names Panama a Top Destination in 2012

We all know that January can be a bit of a gloomy month. The festive cheer has long gone, and the annual new-year detox starts once again.  But there’s no better way to brush off those blues than by planning your next adventure…to Panama of course.

At the end of last year Panama was voted  ‘One of the Best Trips in the World’ by National Geographic, and clearly the Financial Times agree, having just listed the country amongst their top 10 destinations for 2012.  Panama’s manageable size, two breathtaking coastlines, and combination of extraordinary rainforests and cosmopolitan city life, all make it a must-visit in the coming year.

Aside from the cultural delights of Panama City, the country’s idyllic islands are the star attraction. The San Blas Islands boast white sand beaches and unparalleled diving, while the lesser-known Isla Coiba, situated on the Pacific side, is a hidden gem for tourists wanting more seclusion and tranquillity. This marine reserve was previously an infamous prison colony, and since the last inmate only left in 2005, there has been little time for over-development.

Although initially this may not sound like an ideal holiday spot, Isla Coiba is the perfect choice for any traveller yearning to get off the beaten tourist track. Only 60 guests are allowed on the island at one time, and the land is mainly made up of untouched, pristine rainforest. Wildlife enthusiasts will love it here too, as over 700 species of exotic and beautiful fish inhabit the waters alongside rare dolphins and whales. It’s another great reason why Panama should be at the top of your travel list in 2012.

Are there any other Panama spots that you’re longing to discover this year? Let us know.

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